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The Metro “Nanzhou Station” from Line 2, Guangfo Line, and Line 8 interchanges are just moments away from the hotel, with walking of three minutes. Also the entrance and exit of Inner Ring Road and Luoxi Bridge are just two minutes driving from the front of the door. The hotel is also next to Haizhu Terminal, the terminal that offers travel buses to travel to provinces and cities nationwide. Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is fifteen minutes away by taxi, Baiyun International Airport is fifty-five minutes away by taxi, and Guangzhou East Railway Station is just fifteen minutes away by Metro. Banks are only ten minutes walking from the hotel, and the hotel’s lobby has an ATM for Rural Commercial Bank for your convenience. Many shopping malls surround the hotel, such as Trust-Mart, PARKnSHOP, Wanjia Mart, Huarun Mart, and they are only ten minutes away by walking. Various Types of Surrounding Wholesale Markets: Nantian Wholesale Market, Changjiang Wholesale Market, Zhongda Clothing Wholesale Market, Huanan Shoes Market, Huanan Automobile Trading Market, Nanzhou Pre-owned Market, Nanzhou Decorative Material Market, Shixi Decorative Material Market, etc. Tour Attractions: Chime-Long Paradise, Chime-Long Water Park, Chime-Long Xiangjiang Safari Park, Crocodile Park, Haizhu Children’s Park, Haizhu Wetland Park, Haizhu Lake, Canton Tower, Huacheng Square, Haixinsha. The hotel’s geographic location offers proximity to nearby attractions and different modes of transportation provide you with the convenience and needs to your journey.

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  • Chime-Long Paradise

    Chimelong Paradise, located in YinBing Road, Panyu District, covers an area of over 2,000 mu with about 70 rides. The recreation facilities in the paradise are imported from world-level companies in Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Italy, Americsa and other countries around the world, including world record-holding Dive Coaster, Ten Inversion Rollercoaster, Motorbike Launch Coaster,Giant Frisbee, Half Pipe, and the world's most advanced 4D Theater.

  • Chime-Long Water Park

    As a world famous water park, Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park is the largest and most advanced water park in the world. All water rides in the park were imported, and most of them are award-winning. The park uses most advanced ozone water filtration system to provide guests with a clean, safe and exciting experience. Chimelong Water Park has drawn worldwide attention for its continuous effort to provide guests with best service and environment, and has always been favored by the media as an ideal place for outdoor shooting. Chimelong Water Park is now one of the must-go water parks serving most guests in the world.

  • Chime-Long Xiangjiang Safari Park

    Chimelong Safari Park is characterized by large-scale wildlife stocking and self-driving sightseeing, setting animals and plants protection, research, cultivation, tourism, technological education as a whole, which is titled as a national safari park that reaches international standard. It is the biggest wildlife theme park with large original subtropical rain forest in South China. Chimelong Safari Park houses over 20,000 rare animals, and over 500 different species, including 10 giant pandas, 23 koalas, more than 150 white tigers and many other endangered species. The self-driving tour allows guests to view the animals while driving around the park. Chimelong Safari Park presents the world's most enchanting white tiger performance for guests, as well as three other famous animal performances. In 2007, Chimelong Safari Park was rated the first batch national and the only National 5A scenic spots in Guangzhou.

  • Crocodile Park, Haizhu Children’s Park

    Guangzhou Crocodile Park was opened in 2004, located in Shibei Avenue in Dashi Town in Guangzhou southern suburbs. The park is facing the downtown of Guangzhou across the Pearl River. With a total area of 2000mu and 100,000 crocodiles, the park is a new scenic spots of Guangzhou Chimelong Company. The company invested 6 years to build it after Chimelong Safari Park and Chimelong Night Animal World. Guangzhou Crocodile Park is a integrated theme park setting crocodile watching, science education, ecological farming, various animal shows together. It is also the world's largest crocodile farm, with nearly 100,000 crocodiles, accounted for more than 70% of the total amount in China. The park is divided into seven areas, including Scientific Knowledge, Interaction Center, the Growth Exhibition, Entertainment, Leisure Commercial and other areas.

  • Haizhu Children's Park

    Haizhu Children's Park is located in Haizhu District of Guangzhou City, South of Luoxi Bridge. The park lies on the planned sports park plots. The construction of the park is divided into three phases. The area of the first phase is 56,000 square meters and it opened on Children's Day in 2014. The second phase covers an area of 12,000 square meters and is completed in 2015. The third phase covers an area of 8,000 square meters. Haizhu Children's Park is mainly characterized by its ecological and natural features, known as "the most ecological natural park". The park has natural activities area, water plants area, seasons flower and fruit planting areas, native birds forest area and other ecological green area. The ratio of green area of the park is the highest in all 13 children's Parks in the city.

  • Haizhu National Wetland Park

    Haizhu National Wetland Park, also called "Haizhu Wetland", is located in the southeast Haizhu District of Guangzhou. The park lies in the south of Guangzhou New City Central Axis, from the back channel of Pearl River in the east, to Guangzhou Avenue South in the west, from Huangpu River in the north, to the back channel of Pearl River in the south. It mainly includes orchard of thousands of mu, Haizhu Lake and other 39 Rivers. The total area is 869 hectares and waters area 377 hectares. It is the wetland in Pearl River Delta and the mixed composite wetland ecological system with lake wetland in the city and half natural fruit forest. Known as Guangzhou's "South Kidney", it is also the important ecological barrier of Guangzhou. Together with Baiyun mountain, the"North Lung", they are the two main ecological barriers in the major urban area of the city.

  • Haizhu Lake

    Haizhu Lake lies in the south at the Guangzhou New City Central Axis with Xinguang Expressway in the east, Guangzhou Avenue South in the west, Xinjiao South Road in the north and the Beltway and Nanzhou Road in the south. The nourishing lake irrigate Longtan Orchard Park and Dongfeng Orchard Park directly.

  • Canton Tower is also called Guangzhou New TV Tower,with its nickname "small pretty waist". Located in the vicinity of Chigang Pagoda in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China, Canton Tower is facing directly Haixinsha Island and the 21st century new city CBD of Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town. Canton Tower is 600 meters high, with 450 meters of its main body and 150 meters of its antenna. It was initiated on November 25th 2005, officially open to the public on October 1st, 2010. There are 5 functional zones and various types of recreation facilities in Canton Tower, including the world-highest outdoor viewing platform of 488m, and transverse Ferris wheel; 2 sightseeing halls, air corridor,3D and 4D Cinema, Chinese and Western restaurant, Exhibition, Shopping Mall, and Science and Technology Marvel Tour Hall. It is currently the highest tower in China and the fourth highest in the world.

  • The City Square

    The City Square, located on Guangzhou New City Central Axis, was official named Flower City Square. It lies in the south of Huangpu Avenue, east of Huaxia Road, west of the Xiancun Road and the north of the Linjiang Avenue. The width of the square is 250 meters with a total area of about 560,000m2, almost 9 times larger than the People's Park. 39 buildings are in the project and among them, 8 buildings have been completed including the children's palace, theatre, library and museum.